OMEGA Engineering Sp. z o.o. designs and manufactures filters based on proprietary, innovative technologies. The devices are used in chemical plants, non-ferrous metal works, fertilizer production plants, plastic production plants, in gas distribution systems and other industrial branches. They purify gases and liquids within the production process and when emitted to the atmosphere.

Filter units are manufactured  to meet the customers’ specific requirements. They are custom-made as for the design and the solution which provides for special conditions of the customers processes. Each solution contains new technical elements. We also offer after-sales service and a refurbishment of filters so that the customers’ expenditures are rationalised.

OMEGA Engineering Sp. z o.o.  has integrated its own activities with the ones of the customers for over 30 years now. We offer advantages that go with our filters. The latter has been proved not only in the industry and laboratory scales, but also by our prestige customers and trade references we get from them. We are recognized as a solid supplier of products and services and a reliable employer. The image was created on many years experience of our employees, on building their pro-quality attitudes and on promoting the tradition of the knowledge and skills transfer by generations.

Based on proprietary technologies, OMEGA Engineering produces and regenerates:

  • demisters
  • filter cartridges for gases, including hot and aggressive ones
  • natural gas filter cartridges
  • compressed air filter cartridges
  • air filter cartridges
  • filter cartridges for oil mist removal
  • other filtering devices

OMEGA Engineering Sp. z o.o. won EU funds on implementing an innovative project.

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